Greetings fellow Lotus Drivers Club members. This announcement is to ensure that you are aware that we now have a West Wales (WW) area of the Club. Living as Sian and I do in both Carmarthenshire and Pembrokeshire it is a rare occurrence to actually see a fellow Lotus owner. As you may already be aware, since 2016 Sian and I have organised the very popular Pembrokeshire Driving Adventure attracting members from all over the Country. We are currently working towards this years event to be held on the first May bank holiday once again based in the seaside village of Saundersfoot.

West Wales is to me one of the finest areas of the Country in which to own a Lotus as we are blessed with superb quiet roads to explore and enjoy. We would very much like to meet with fellow Club members on a regular basis within the area. As the scale of the area can be considered to be vast, rather than having a set meeting place, we have thought it would be a good idea to have flexible meetings. Meetings held on a Saturday lunch time and moved around to individual members locality would allow local knowledge to be gleaned.

We are also looking to organise an end of season area Driving Adventure, possibly in October, based in mid Wales but I will wait to discuss this with the Club committee members in Saundersfoot.

I would very much appreciate fellow members in the wilds of Wales to contact me to discuss my thoughts above. Please feel free to contact me by email at