This popular event was, once again, blessed with a good attendance and superb weather – having had a great sunny day on track, a grateful and wry smile came across my face as I drove home in the evening rain.

The day started with bacon butties, a drivers briefing and a track walk. The laid on track-side catering also provided lunch and we had short update and feedback briefings at lunchtime and at the end of the day.

2017 was memorable for me as the “Wives day” because many cars came with two drivers, in one case purchased as a birthday treat, I understand (could have been worse – could have been a new ironing board.) Some of the said ladies requested an instructor to join them rather than their husband – I have no idea why…. They started off gently, as they were asked to do, and gradually turned up the wick as the day progressed. It is exactly this catering for novices that our Curborough introduction event is all about – it allows you to do things at your pace and you are the only car on the track so there are no others to worry about. However, despite that, we know that when a novice goes out on track for the first time, it can still be very daunting – “Which way do I go, what gear should I be in?, when do I turn, when do I brake”, etc. By working on one thing at a time (braking, steering, lines around the track, etc.), these things were mastered one at a time and by the end of the day were starting to really come together. A common feedback was that many people had no idea what their (husband’s) car was capable of.

We had a great selection of cars from a 60’s Elan to new supercharged Elises and a lunatic-fast turbocharged Hayabus-engined Westfield, with everyone having a great day with no incidents (always good when everyone can drive them home).

Colin Smith