In 2006 Bell & Colvill bought a former management car from Lotus and soon after this pretty yellow Elise 111R was purchased by Maxine Eley. It’s often interesting to know what happens after the car has been sold, Maxine contacted us recently with an interesting story about her and her Lotus which she has kindly agreed to share:-

“In January I received an email via my son (who owns a TVR) to say that London 2012 were looking for volunteer drivers and their vehicles to take part in the ceremonies. In particular they were looking for British made cars preferably in bright colours. Those who wanted to take part had to send in a photo of themselves with their car. I applied and was accepted (as was my son).”

“The first trip was to get the car tailor wrapping made – more difficult on the Lotus as the car does not have a metallic body, so the magnets as used on other cars could not be used. There were many hours (long days) spent rehearsing in Dagenham, when it always seemed to rain. In Dagenham there were replicas of the stadium set to enable everyone to practice, as the stadium had been prepared for the opening ceremony and we were to take part in the closing event.

It took a while for the driving moves to be finalised there being a few changes along the way, we were precisely perform a show of traffic chaos, everyone had to be on cue to avoid real chaos! You had to get used to earpieces and hearing the music and instructions through all of the rehearsals and the day of the show, an all new experience.”

“We were all provided tickets for the opening ceremony dress rehearsal, only one ticket each though. They didn’t show some of the show parts, so it didn’t spoil some of the surprising parts.

On the day of the ceremony we had to be at the Olympic park between 8am and 9am. All of the cars were thoroughly checked by army personnel and all bags x-rayed. We met on the second floor of the John Lewis car park, where the cars were checked, then we wrapped the cars in the plastic newspaper.

A little later we were taken in to the stadium final dress rehearsal, after which we waited in the warm up track area. About an hour before the show we were taken back to our entry points in readiness for the 9pm start ”

“Our 20minute part of the show seemed to whizz by… after which we made our way home as they did not want us to hang around on site to help security.

There were approximately 70 cars in the show. We all had a lot of fun as volunteers and made some new friends.

Previously I and my husband have been to the Lotus Factory Tour, and attended a full Training Day.

I use my Lotus during the week, but especially love using it for weekends away with friends and the car is surprisingly economical to use.”