If you’ve been on social media lately you will have likely come across these stunning examples of bespoke digital artwork by Mark Boyles of Buzz Art. Jim Love, area organiser for Lotus Drivers Club Scotland, recently interviewed Mark, which we hope you will all enjoy.

Could you tell us about yourself and your passion for Lotus and your background?

I live on the edge of the Cotswolds in North Oxfordshire. I’m on my 6th Lotus Car, owning 4 Elise previously and now on my 2nd Evora which is finished in Motorsport Green. I have been in the creative industry for 30 years, starting my own agency 19 years ago, specialising in online creators, websites, email marketing etc.

Can you explain your creative process and how long have you been creating your Lotus Cars artwork?

The digital artwork I create is based on solid block colours, almost a vinyl block style. I love using bold solid colours to show off the lines of the cars and on some angled motion lines to add speed. 2 months back I was approached by the Lotus 110 Club about creating a series of illustrations for the anniversary of the Boardman wining Lotus bike. Off the back of this I illustrated my own Evora and posted it online, within hours I was getting requests for customised versions which then snowballed from there and I am slowly working my way through the Lotus type ranges.

How can members get in contact with you?

Members and Lotus enthusiasts can contact me through my Facebook page, Buzz Art. I offer customised artwork versions of stock cars renders, with options of body colour, backgrounds, stickers etc. I also offer full commissions for people who want something special and a little more unique.