At last years AGM, Chairman Colin asked for a volunteer to take over as Area Organiser for the West Midlands Area 2 group. Since no individual came forward, four of us agreed to take it on between us: Marie Woodward and her husband Adrian, Lynn Dewing and her husband Chris.

The group meets on the second Thursday of each month at The Stag pub at Redhill between Alcester and Stratford where we’ve arranged with the manager for a Lotus night special – fish & chips and a pint for £10.

At most meetings we try to lay on something a little different.  In the past 9 months we’ve had 3 guest speakers: Terry Giles told us about the Series One Seven he’s had for over 40 years, David Pawson explained how he’d rescued his Type 14 Elite from its resting place in a field with a tree growing up through its bonnet, having first spotted it from above in a Tiger Moth and Malcolm Ricketts kept us spellbound for well over an hour with some of his many Lotus stories.

We’ve also had a couple of Lotus-based quizzes, a ‘love of my life’ evening on Valentines Day – the love in this instance being something with wheels rather than something human, an evening Christmas meal and a daytime visit to the Renault F1 factory where the ladies hoping to see Daniel Ricciardo or Nico Hulkenberg were unfortunately disappointed. However, seeing the technology involved was pretty amazing, as was discovering that it takes 1200 people to design, build and run two cars for a season.

Attendance at the evening Stag meetings is normally in 15-20 region with a smallish but highly enthusiastic ladies contingent. Guest speakers have attracted up to double that. If you’re within commuting distance of The Stag and would like to be kept in touch with our activities, we’d love to see you – just send your email address to and we’ll add you to our mailing list.