Ypres Lotus Day

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Thursday, May 9, 2024

Experience the winding, picturesque roads of the Ypres region by joining the annual Ypres Lotus Day.

Start the day with a mass gathering of Lotus owners and their remarkable cars in the town square. The atmosphere is electric as you meet like-minded individuals who share your passion. At 10:00 a.m. the guided road trip begins, taking you on a captivating journey against the backdrop of Flanders' finest roads. Each car is provided with a detailed roadbook for easy navigation.

The Ypres Lotus Day includes sumptuous meals and refreshing drinks to fuel you and your passenger for a day of thrilling driving. One of the highlights of Ypres Lotus Day is the opportunity to meet over 125 Lotus owners and their cars. Whether you're a seasoned Lotus owner or a newcomer to the Lotus family, you'll find a warm and welcoming community that shares your passion.

The story of Ypres Lotus Day began on a terrace at the grand place of Ypres in 2008. A group of friends from the Belgium lotusforum, fresh from a thrilling rally with Pascal's classic Elan +2, came together to share stories and laughs. It was during these moments, over a few beers, that the concept of Ypres Lotus Day was born. Dirk Kestelyn, Pascal Vasseur, and Frederik Van Cauwenberghe joined forces to transform this dream into reality.

The first edition of Ypres Lotus Day in 2009 welcomed 45 cars, with a strong presence of lotusforum members. The event's success left everyone craving for more, and Frederik's expertise in commercial and communication skills helped promote the event across Europe. Today, Ypres Lotus Day has blossomed into a gathering of 125-145 participants from various countries, including Belgium, the UK, the Netherlands, France, and beyond.

The Ypres Lotus Day is not a Lotus Drivers Club event and there is no arranged visit for 2024 but we encourage members to attend and support the event. More details and registration information can be found at ypreslotusday.be