Thruxton Skid Pan

13 Jul 2021, Track Events

Thruxton’s newly built skid pan is a wetted low grip facility that provides you with a safe and controlled environment to practice your sleek skills on with very little wear and tear on the tyres or the car itself. Not only is this experience great fun, but more importantly a hugely worthwhile investment in your own and your passengers’ safety.

Be it the first time you’ve controlled a skid, tried steering out of danger, or sensing and recovering an unexpected aquaplane, skid pans are used to teach car control skills that you can only become proficient in from experience and practice. Thruxton’s experienced instructors and staff will be on hand to help you get the most from your time, be it in trying something that you’ve never had the chance to try, or in perfecting your drifting. 

We are all trying our utmost to avoid Covid risk, so you’ll book, be briefed and participate in safety. Additional measures have been put in place to ensure members and staff remain safe whilst attending the skid pan. The session is 4 hours long, with a limited group size to minimise waiting and maximise time spent looking through the side windows as you explore the limits of your Lotus. Spaces are limited so book early to avoid disappointment.

For more information please email

Event registration is charged per car.

Please be aware that due to current COVID-19 restrictions, places on this event are limited and, as is Club policy, taken on a first come first served basis. Once places are fulfilled, we will run a reserve list to offer places should they become available and restrictions allow. Please continue to watch our website for updates for this and all our events.