Article Submissions

If you’re interested in writing for Chicane, the Lotus Drivers Club members magazine, you’ve come to the right place! Published quarterly, Chicane features high-quality articles, interviews, reviews and bespoke one-off features.

To pitch an article idea or submit a feature for Chicane, please click here. If you have any questions regarding Chicane submissions, or would like to contact our editorial team, please email

For submissions and queries, please include a summary describing your article idea, an approximate length and the date it could be finished if currently incomplete. Please double-check spelling and grammar before submitting. All articles will be edited for length, grammar, content, style and tone.

Submission dates for Chicane:

  • Issue 124 – 10 January 2022
  • Issue 125 – 11 April 2022
  • Issue 126 – 11 July 2022
  • Issue 127 – 10 October 2022

Note: By submitting your article, you certify that you wrote the article and that it does not contain content shared without the permission of the author. Submitting an article does not guarantee publication. The Lotus Drivers Club reserves the right to edit submissions. All copyrights remain with the author.