Bright sunshine fell on the north of Bedfordshire as the peace was shattered by the thunder of unsilenced nitro injected V8 monsters. By 10.30am the pits were full of exotic machinery, blown V8 “Pops”, Funny Cars, Karts, Bikes, Clubman Cars, ‘normal roadgoing cars and street legal hybrids, such as a Cosworth Sierra powered Anglebox and a V8 1934 Hillman! And, of course, a number of the LDC members with a variety of Lotii. During the day terminal velocities varied between 43 mph for a kangerooing Scirroco to 195.4 mph in 7.6 seconds for a slightly modified Ford Granada (nitro injected V8 pro car complete with chute braking). Santa Pod provided every entrant with a computer printed result for each run.

The times recorded by the intrepid Lotus contingent were remarkably similar and strikingly consistent. At one point Harry Metcalfe in his Elan DHC was second in class to the Sierra Cosworth powered Anglia and vying for the £200 class prize! In the end the class honours were taken by a street legal (but otherwise nearly full race!) Montego Turbo driven by a local regular.

Incidentally, it was possible for Harry to compare times with the hood up and down, terminal velocity being 1.4 mph lower in the second case. Harry’s best time was 14.51 seconds for the quarter mile. He crossed the line at 93.93 mph. All his runs were within a variance of 0.5 of a second. Harry was the LDC front runner. Dean Van Roose in his Europa Twincam was second, achieving a best time of 14.57 seconds, and our new Regalia Secretary, Patricia Cowling, achieved a creditable 14.79 in the HPC 7.

The event had that slightly amateur feel so reminiscent of our own Sprint Meetings. Whilst the organisation was efficient, the informality of the event was refreshing. The LDC members that tried the Strip were wreathed in smiles, “very enjoyable” said one, “really quite exciting” said another. Those participating got extremely good value for their £7.00 entry fee and Harry nearly won the £200 for his efforts.

The facilities were first class and it was possible to stroll around the paddock to gaze in wonder at the evil concoctions, Pontiac powered Viva ‘s, Chevy Capri’s, twin engined motorbikes and many immaculately prepared drag racing machines of all shapes and sizes. All in all a most enjoyable day out. And we are doing it again! 5th September 1993 — don’t miss it. Bob Diggins.