The Bull Inn, Hinton, Chippenham, SN14 8HG. First Tuesday of every month at 7:30pm, except where noted otherwise.

All meetings are subject to last minute changes beyond our control. Members are advised to check before travelling long distances. For more information contact Rob Ford:​​​​​​​

January 8th
Mike Wilds – Racing driver on his career

February 5th
Hugh Chamberlain – A Life in Motorsport

March 5th
Oliver Winterbottom – A Life in Car Design

April 2nd
Kevin Whittle – On the Lotus 19

May 7th
Peter Lucas – On the Lotus 7

June 4th
Paul Robinshaw – On Lotus books

July 2nd
Brian Angus – On engineering at Lotus

August 6th
Paul Haussauer – ‘Lotus & Clan’

September 3rd
Michael Oliver – On the Lotus 49 and Lotus 72

October 1st
Ian Phillips – On Formula One

November 5th
Julian Thomson – Car Designer

December 3rd
Steve Soper – Racing driver on his career.